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Facebook Mobile Event Expectations: Android Phone Or App?

facebookThe social networking site has begun to send out invitations for their “Mobile Event”, which is to be held once again at their HQ. This has started all those rumors of a phone once again, as well as a much-needed Android app.

The existence of a Facebook phone has been denied time and again, but this would be a phone that could appeal to the masses. Just imagine if they developed a new smartphone to run on the Android mobile OS, and it made your Facebook experience even better than the range of phones already on the market – then even a small percentage of the 500 million Facebook users would make it one of the most popular handsets yet.

Josh Lowensohn from Cnet reports that the press event is to take place on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. We just hope that this event is more exciting than the last; there was a huge build-up that a phone and an Android app would make an appearance.