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Finally iPhone 4 is here in India- Price and Tariffs explained (Update)

iphone indiaThe Apple iPhone 4 has finally reached Indian Shores ending the Year Long Wait. Now without much talk lets get down to business and let us tell you the rates and tariffs of the product.


iPhone 4


16GB 34,500
32GB 40,900

Notes :

1. iPhone 4 will be unlocked to Aircel and Airtel

2. iPhone 4 is NOT available on contract in India, hence, you will have to pay full price and then choose any of the tariffs mentioned below.

2. iPhone 4 will be Available in both Black and White in India and the price of both the handsets will be the same.

Apple iPhone 4 Tariffs by Aircel

PostPaid Plans

Advantage Plans 50% Money Back Premium Plans 100% Money Back
Plan 16GB 32GB 16GB 32GB
iPhone Cost (MRP in Rs) 34,500 40,900 34,500 40,900
Activation Charge NIL
Monthly Rental (in Rs) 1119 1359 2139 2510
Monthly Discount (for 24 months) 720 860 1440 1710
You Save in 2yrs. (in Rs) 24×720=17280 24×860=20640 24×1440=34560 24×1710=41040
Monthly net payment 399 499 699 800
Free Local minutes 1250 1500 2000 2250
FREE SMS (Local + National) 500 1000
Free 3G Data 350MB 500MB 750MB 1GB
iPhone Price
16GB 34,500
32GB 40,900

Let me translate the above for plans for you.
According to this Plan you will have to first pay full price of the device (Rs. 34,500 or Rs. 40,900) then you choose any of the corresponding Monthly rental Plans.

For Eg you you choose the plan with monthly rent as 1119 in this Plan you get all the stuff mentioned in the freebies every month and for 24Months(2years) your monthly rent will be Rs 399 and after 2years your monthly rent will be Rs 1119. So actually there is no money back, nor is Aircel going to sell you the iPhone 4 at cheaper price.  Same goes on for all other plans,

You have the option to chose any other plan you like if you want a different plan.


The iPhone is available in the following prepaid plans:

16 GB iPhone 4 32 GB iPhone 4
MRP: Rs.34,500 MRP- Rs.40,900
Monthly recharge 599 699 799
Free Local Minutes 1750 2000 2250
Free SMS (Local + National) 1000 1000 1000
Free 3G Data 500MB 750MB 1GB
Validity 30 days 30 days 30 days
Value of freebies 1900 2225 2550

This Plan is not cheap and you are not saving 1300Rs like it says if you go for other prepaid recharges you will realize that you dont need to waste 600 Rs. Everything depends on your usage, so choose wisely.
These are just ways called marketing where they show you big numbers in savings to attract people when actually they are paying more than what is required.

Apple iPhone 4 Tariffs by Airtel

Airtel has the similar plans as Aircel has, see below

iPhone plans