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Fitmate Z1 Fitness Tracker Review

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Health and Mindfulness are the new love interest of the tech industry, this sector never took center stage in the consumer segment until now. Unhealthy lifestyle like obesity and stress have become to big to be ignored. Even a big company like Apple has centered its last few launches around Health & fitness.

Fitmate Z1 Fitness Tracker, a super budget friendly fitness band and smartwatch, at the time of writing of this article, you can get this of amazon for just 1799 with next day delivery.

I have been using this watch for over 2 weeks now and as some one who burns over 1000 calories a day, I am really impressed by this device and I am not easily impressed being an Apple watch owner.

Lets go in depth,



The Fitmate Z1 has a 0.91 inch OLED screen display, that can display upto 32 characters at a time, on retro style display, which I personally find minimal and classy. It displays all the necessary information you would expect from such a device, like Time, date, calories burnt, steps taken, distance traveled and even tracks my sleep patterns, a feature that did truly amaze me.

Brightness of the display and its visibility in the sun in are pretty decent, due to the the style of the display and the OLED screen.

Form Factor and Looks

Fitmate z1 Looks

I believe the major concerns in today’s time for most people while choosing a device, specially a wearable are its looks, an area in which this device will not disappoint with its sleek rectangular form factor.

The innovative design of the device allows it to be clutter and dongle free with a bonus feature of wireless charging. You just have to remove the device from the from the strap and plug it into any 5v USB port to charge it(most of the phone chargers or laptops and computers). This removes the need of carrying extra accessories with the device, unlike some fruit named company that is forcing you to live the dongle life.


As the name suggests the Z1 does have all the necessary features you expect from a Fitness tracker. It counts the calories you have burned, the steps you have taken, the distance you have traveled,  sleep monitoring etc. You can also set fitness goals directly into the device. You can sync the device with any Android or iOS device with its App, that can be downloaded by scanning the QR code behind the box. The app will save all your data from the device and also lets your tweak settings and make adjustments to the fitness features.

In my experience the Step and distance count was not very accurate, it was always a little off by at least 10-15%, I thought it was an Android issue, but I also tested it with an iPhone, the discrepancy was still there. I don’t believe its a hardware problem, as sleep monitoring is fairly accurate. I hope those discrepancies will be fixed by the team, with a software update.

Other features we haven’t mentioned yet include,

  • Phone notifications can directly be viewed on the watch,
  • Its has an IP65 grade waterproofing
  • Find my phone feature, just a few taps on the Z1 and it make your phone ring.
  • You can also wirelessly take pictures from your phone’s camera by tapping on it.

Just to remind you, it costs less than Rs. 2000

Battery Life

This is one feature I can bet you will definitely love, Fitmate does claim 5 days of battery life in a single charge, but I was easily able to pull a week with still some juice left into the device with just an hour of charging.


For this price point, Fitmate Z1 Fitness Tracker is a good starting device for all those getting in to the fitness and healthy life style. Yes there are some inaccuracies related to steps and distance mapping, which I hope will be fixed in the future updates to the device. If you are thinking of getting a Fitness tracker, but do not want to spend a lot, you should definitely give this a try, after all it also makes up for a smart watch as well.

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