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[FIXED] Folders showing as EXE files in Mac

I have sort of found a way around this problem where folders in Mac start showing up as EXE files, I am still not sure what it happened, for me it happened when I connected my camera to copy some pictures.

Now the problem is that this error/ virus creates exe files in the place of the folders and hides the original folders, so the trick is to unhide everything to get access to those folders. Surprisingly there is stuff in Windows that is easier to do than in Mac and showing hidden files is one of them. Maybe to keep the UI clean and minimalist they take this approach.

  1. Open
    • Go to Launchpad > Other > Terminal
    • In Finder go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  2. Paste the command given below in Terminal and press Enter

     defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

  3. Now Alt + Right Click on Finder and click Relaunch, or, open the Force Quit from the Apple Menu or press (Alt + command + esc) select Finder and click Relaunch.
    Finder Relaunch
  4. You should now have access to those folders

You can also use softwares to hide/unhide stuff in Mac with the simplicity of menus and buttons.