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Fixed: RealFlow Crashing at Start (Windows – Open CL)

There can be 100s of reasons for a software like Realflow to crash at boot, for me its was the ‘Open CL Error’.

realflow open Cl Error

How to Find what error you have

When Realflow boots, like any other software, it shows what its doing, (See image above) For me it crashed when it said ‘Detecting Open CL

What does OPEN CL mean for Realflow?

Open CL is a computing language that allows Realflow to use the GPU for computing simulations like Dyverso.

How to double check if you have the same Error?

AMD Graphic card are Open CL based while Nvidia cards have Cuda cores, but also support Open CL but not as good as AMD.

  • Go to the Device manager or Enter devmgmt.msc in RUN
  • Under Display Adapters disable the Video card you have, in my Case it was the AMD Radeon 6750m, this will reduce your screen resolution, don’t worry
  • Now try opening Realflow, if it works, that means your GPU was the Problem, either your GPU drivers are out of date or some of its files are corrupted.


NOTE: This Method will not only fix Realflow Crashing due to Open CL but also fix any application or software suffering the same fate.

Uninstall the current drivers you have for your current Graphic Card and Install the Latest one. Since I have an AMD Graphic card I will tell you the best way for that. (If you want the steps on the Nvidia cards, comment below or message me of Facebook/ Twitter)

  1. Find and Open Programs and Features app or enter appwiz.cpl in RUN
  2. Uninstall the AMD Catalyst App from it. Uninstall everything, your resolution may decrease, don’t worry.
  3. Download Amd Cleanup Utility and run it, it will do what the name suggests.
  4. Now Download and run AMD Driver Autodetect it will detect what GPU you have and download its drivers. Install those drivers, restart and you should be ok.
  5. If it doesn’t detect what GPU you have, then you have to manually navigate through the AMD site and download the Drivers.
  6. Apple Mac users running windows on Bootcamp like me will either have to download the bootcamp drivers compatible to your mac either from the Apple website or follow step 5 again. In the BootCamp Folder you will find both Nvidia and AMD drivers in their respective folders.

More Info on OPEN CL

dyverso Settings

Apple Loves Open CL, hence the love for AMD, as their own video Editing software uses Open CL to render, hence you will notice that even when you FCP performance is low you don’t see high CPU use, because its using the GPU for computations. Even Realflow uses Open CL to boost its performance during simulations, prediction is they will make dyverso the default simulation option in the future as it can harness the power of the Graphic Card.

Nvidia provides its own language for communicating  that is Cuda, Adobe and many 3D renderes like Octane use these Cuda cores for their work, so these software will run better on an Nvidia cards than on an AMD card. Hence you will find a Pro Mac user currently unhappy with Apple for not giving Nvidia as an option in their current line up of macs.