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Galaxy S 3 will be ashamed when iPhone 5 Comes out : Foxconn CEO


Apple iPhone Series and the Samsung Galaxy Series nemesis to each other are two of the best smart phone makers in the World and in the last couple of years the competition has got even more intense.

Samsung recently launched the Quad Core Samsung Galaxy S 3 running the latest Android 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich operating System which is is not enough to compete with the upcoming iPhone 5 According to the Foxconn CEO, Terry Gou. “Consumers should wait for the iPhone 5 because it will put the Samsung Galaxy S III to shame,” he said in an interview with China Times.

Foxconn is company that Assembles iPhones, iPad and other Apple device, located in China.

Gou also claimed their new  manufacturing plant situated in Japan Sakai City, Osaka, Japan which develops Sharp’s cutting-edge display will give Foxconn at least a three lead over Samsung.