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Gevey Sim That unlocks the iPhone 4(any BaseBand or iOS) is Available in India

Gevey SimLast Week We showed you how you can Unlock iPhone 4 on any iOS (4.1, 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.3.1) with any Baseband (02.10.04, 03.10.01, 04.10.01) (Click Here if you missed it), well the good news is that These Sim are Available and Here is how you can Get them in INDIA


When you buy stuff of eBay there many way you are protected, (ebay Has its Own ways and Buyer Protected Laws) so if the thing turns out to be what the seller said it would be, you are entitled to Refund So you are Safe. You Have two options, either Buy it from a seller in India or from eBay Global. The Current Price for this SIM is around Rs. 4600+ and Rs. 5000+ on eBay Global

Click Here for Seller from India

Click Here to Buy it From eBay Global

2. Amazon

India is in the Amazon’s Supported Countries Shipping List but when we tried to Order we were facing Some Problems. We have Contacted Amazon with our query and will update you as soon as We get a reply from them. If you want to try it yourself Click Here and we would like to know if it worked for you or not. It is Priced at 88+USD (3,929 INR)


This is the Website for  Chinese Wholesaler, It requires you to Pay through Paypal (or any other Method) and promises to provide Shipping Details so you can track your Order. There is no way yet to Confirm if the Website is Legit or not (there never is until you  try it). We will keep you posted as soon as we get any Evidence to support it, But if you want to Try it then you can by Clicking Here and if it Works you can tell us in the Comment section below so that People also stuck with their locked phones can be relieved ASAP!!! The Sim is Priced at 54USD (2,411INR). The Lowest we Have seen yet

4. Local Grey Market Vendors

The rumor has it that the vendors in Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, New Delhi have already got the Delivery of the Gevey Sim and selling it for Rs. 5700+. So if you have any news be the Super Awesome reporter and tell us if know of any such Place where you can get the Gevey Sim so that we and the owners of Locked iPhones can thank you.

We will Keep you posted on the updates on the Availability of the Gevey Sim. You can Subscribe Via email or Follow us on your Favorite Social Networking Website.