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Gizmodo will Pay you for the Pictures of Mark Zuckerberg

mark-zuckerberg has an iPhone 4S TG

Privacy has always been an issue on Facebook, Many Complaint that a having a Facebook profile is like being stalked all the time and the privacy settings are confusing which are actually just for show and the biggest source of facebook’s revenue is selling user’s information to advertisers.

Gizmodo a is also among the same group with the same complaints, and they have decided take the fight directly to the Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. They have declared that they will pay 20$ to the person who’s photo they decide to run on their website. I am not sure if that is legal but they say it is so I will lave that question to the American authority to decide.

Gizmodo is also the same website that bought the stolen iPhone 4 prototype, took it apart piece by piece and then witnessed the bad side (the wrath of) Steve Jobs. Now they are banned to all Apple events. Probably they will get banned from all FB events as well if not get sued first, if they post an embarrassing picture of  Mr. Facebook.

This attempt by Gizmodo has caused a rift between the Tech Community some are opposing this, some are for it and some are just sitting on the stands enjoying the show.

Facebook’s entire business model relies on you sharing information about yourself and others so it can monetize your private moments—converting your Likes, your friendships, your thoughts and messages into ad campaigns. Zuckerberg is claiming ownership of your privacy, one Like at a time. So it only seems fair that we (as Richard Dreyfuss suggested) own something of his as well. And we’re willing to pay for it. Welcome to the Summer of Zuck.


If you wanna know more about Gizmodo’s offer click here and if you want to know why to oppose it then click here and if you just want to enjoy the show then click  Facebook Like button.

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