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Google Android Plans to use Alfred to Compete with Apple’s Siri

CleverSense Alfred

Google recently purchased a Tech Company called Clever Sense that has developed a ‘Personal Assistant’ like Application that uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make recomendations based on your interests and your “context,” such as location, time of day, intent and social information.

Apple’s Siri offers a much broader range of capabilities than those that appear to currently be available with Alfred, allowing users to speak into their phone to manage their calendars, find nearby restaurants and even inquire about the weather.

I am sure Google didn’t expect Alfred to be as good as Siri to begin with, they just needed something to buid upon and carry forward rather than starting from scratch.

Google’s head of mobile Andy Rubin famously dissed Siri at the AsiaD conference in October, saying that “I don’t believe that your phone should be your assistant.”

It has been reported that another secret Siri-like project, code-named Majel, is in the works at Google and could be released, in some initial form, in the coming months. The technology, named after the voice of a computer in Star Trek , is an evolution of Google’s existing voice actions, allowing a phone to understand a user’s natural language instead of specific voice commands, according to the report.


Alfred, Siri, Majel or any other personal Assistant it may be, one thing is evident that 2012 is gonna be a year of many such Virtual PAs and who knows by the 2013 or the near future they virtual AI softwares may become self aware, team up and it’s Judgement Day (Quote from Terminator Series).