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Google Nexus 2 coming November by Samsung?

nexus-two-rumorOn October 22nd Google placed the giant Gingerbread man in their front lawn to signify that Android 2.3 had been completed. Guess what else happened on the 22nd? Google has strictly forbid any Gingerbread test devices from leaving their campus, but that restriction was removed on the same day the statue appeared.

Gizmodo Says :

The Nexus Two is real. It’s made by Samsung, and a friend of ours got to play with it. It’s not going rock your face like the Nexus One did. But it will record it with a front-facing camera.

So if we believe what people at Gizmodo and Androidandme have to say, Goggle will be Launching a new phone with samsung, it will already be preloaded with android 2.3 Gingerbread. This phone has 4inch Amoled display.


On November 8th Samsung is holding a press conference for the launch event of the Samsung Continuum, so there is a possibility that that the continuum is a just a decoy to surprise everyone with the launch a of Nexus Two – The Gingerbread Phone. November 8th is also the date when WP7 phones are launched/Avaialble for sale.

Till then Lets us wait and watch how this new story unfolds.