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Google SkyMap for Android shows you the Sky and lets you Time Travel

skymapandroidtimetravelGoogle Sky Map for Android has just been updated to bring us the exciting features of multi-touch pinch-to-zoom and Time Travel! The official site hasn’t been updated yet, but you can definitely pick it up from the Android Market on your phone — the QR code is included after the break.

While pinch-to-zoom is nice, the Time Travel feature is something that Sky Map users have long been clamoring for. You can now set any time — past or future — and gaze up at the augmented reality heavens. The app comes pre-configured with a bunch of ‘popular’ times, such as the Apollo 11 moon landing and the universe-altering solar eclipse of 1919 — or you can simply fast forward to what the sky will look like tomorrow, or during the next full moon.

If you’ve never played with Sky Map, now’s the time to give it a go. It’s free and ever so easy to use: just go outside (or stand by the window), hold your phone towards the sky… and be amazed! How awesome is this….

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