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Google Will Pay you $20K if you find a bug in their System

TG Google BUG

Back in 2010 Goggle offered USD 3,133.70 incentive for finding backdoor vulnerabilities in its services. Google is pretty serious of getting rid of these bugs in their systems rather than taking on the hackers like few others do they have decided to join hands with them an pay them for a secure Eco System.

Google has paid over USD460,000 plus in such ‘Contests’ a Million Dollars at the Pwnium contest earlier this year. Of the 11,000 or so software holes submitted, fewer than 1,000 were eligible for awards of $300 or more. Even so, with a big payout dangling in front of them now.

In total, Google has shelled out about $460,000 so far, not including the big $1 million payoff at its Pwnium contest earlier this year. The mission then was to find vulnerabilities in the Windows 7 version of Chrome.

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