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Hacker’s Revenge-Sony PSN down – Credit Card Details Exposed

If you are a Console Gamer than you know PSN (Sony’s PlayStation Network) is DOWN well thats not all, the hackers have exposed the loop holes in their System and got hold of the credit card details of  of the millions of user who Depended on Sony to keep their information safe and now  might soon see a huge credit card by the end of this month.

So how Did this All start and why are the Hackers Taking revenge with Sony?

Well earlier this year Sony sued GeoHot a super jailbreaker for hacking PS3 for installing a custom operating system (not for playing pirated games) then he released the source code on the internet with how you can do it yourself(he’s also the guy also responsible for providing jailbreak and unlock solutions for iPhone and iPad).

But unlike Apple who learn’s from such incidents fixes it in the next update, sony sued the guy who pointed out the mistakes in a PS3 he himself Bought and owned. In other words Sony sued the guy they should have hired for something he did with his own Property.

Now this invasion of Rights to freedom privacy made some very talented people very angry and they known as the Anonymous group decided to take revenge as they considered this as a threat to every free mind.


Sony HackedsONY hACKED