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How to Configure Hotmail/ MSN Mail on Android Devices


Recently some one asked me how to manually configure an Hotmail account on an Android device so I told him import all your Emails to Gmail and use that as your default E-Mail as it’s better, Jokes apart here is the the Step by Step guide on how you can sync your Hotmail Mail on Android.

  1. Go to settings > Accounts > Add Account or in the default E-mail app  tap Add Account.
  2. Enter your Email ID and password and press next, If it is all it wants to know then you are done and your mail will start syncing. If it takes you to ‘Incoming Mail Settings’ proceed to next step.
  3. Under the Incoming Settings fill out the Following details –
    • Username:
      Password: your-password
      POP Server:
      Port: 995
      Security Type: SSL (always)
    • Press Next
  4. Under Outgoing Settings full out the following details –
    • SMTP server:
      Port: 25 / 587
      Security Type: TLS (always)
      Password: your password
    • Press Next/ Finish
  5. This is all you need to do, If you run into any problems or errors you know where to find me (in the Comments Below)