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How to Install Pixazza/Luminate Java Script Code on WordPress

Here is a Step by Step Procedure  on how to Install the Luminate/ Pixazza Java Script Code on your WordPress site/ Blog, also this procedure is approved by the Luminate/ Pixazza team and we have also ensured that the steps also match to the latest WordPress 3.2 version.

Step-by-step instructions Given Below

  1. Log in to your WordPress blog as an administrator (e.g., the “admin” account). You’ll be put on the WordPress Dashboard Page.
  2. Click the “Appearance” tab.
  3. Click on the “Editor” sub-tab.
  4. Click on the “Footer” theme file (listed on the right hand side).
  5. Copy the JavaScript code specific for your site and paste it above the </body> tag. It should be towards the bottom of the editable text. Check out the screenshot below.
  6. Click “Update File” and you’re done!

click on the image to zoom