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How to record iPhone Screen into Video

The screen shot functionality has been part of the iOS platform since the beginning, you just press the home button and the power button together and Screen Shot. But there are times when you just feel the need to record what’s happening on your iPhone’s screen. Here are two Apps that will let you do that with ease, the first one works without jailbreak while the second one works with Jailbreak.




Price – $1.99

xRec is simple to use App and is the first App available in the official Apple App store that lets record whatever going on your screen.

How to use xRec

1) Open xRec – Screen Recorder for iPhone
2) Go to settings and set the orientation according to what you will record
3) Go to Record section and tap Start
4) Press Home button and open anything you want
5) After finishing your work, open Screen Recorder and tap Stop button
6) Wait for encoding, then tap Videos
7) You will see your video there. Tap blue indicator on video and save it to Camera roll. That’s all.

Its being said that this App has sneaked into the Apple app store and will soon be removed by Apple, which as been confirmed is by Apps store’s past where Apple has removed many application that intend to perform or give freedom/ features to the users more than what Apple wanted them to have at the moment. Usually the removed app compromise the security and stability of the device, for other times I myself have no logical explanation why they remove them, as later these apps do reach the iOS devices through the Jailbreak route. Hence if you have a need for such App I would recommend it you get it while its available.

The xRec is Compatible with all device running iOS 5 and above. Not compatible with iOS 7, yet.

Download xRec here



RecordMyScreen-3 RecordMyScreen-2 RecordMyScreen-1


Price – Free

RecordMyScreen App is a free open source app available through the Jailbreak route for all iOS devices, that provides hardware accelerated direct h.264 encoding. The procedure is same as that of the xRec.

RecordMyScreen is compatible with all device running iOS 5 and above but has some issues running on iPads with retina display (iPad 3 & iPad 4). You can download the free App from the Big Boss repository in Cydia.