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How to stop Facebook from Auto Playing Videos

Facebook is experimenting with new features for videos as they auto play, they start muted and pause when you scroll them out of the screen. Here is how to stop this from happening (The following steps are based on the current version of facebook, if the options have changed, mention them in the comments section below and I will update it here 🙂 ),

For Desktop browsers

  1. On the top right corner of facebook , you would see a downward pointing arrow, that will give you a drop down menu.
  2. Click on Settings in the drop down menu which will take you to the Settings page
  3. On the Settings page, on the left side there will be options to access their respective settings, click Videos
  4. On the videos page, you will find the Auto-Play Videos section under it just select Off.

AutoPlay Videos Desktop Facebook

For Mobile Apps

  1. In the Facebook App find & click the button with Three Parallel Lines  
  2. Scroll down and find the options called either App setting or Account Setting
  3. Under Account Settings you will find Videos and Photos
  4. Under it you will find the option of Auto play where you can choose your preferred setting.
Facebook Autoplay Mobile Settings
Facebook Autoplay Mobile Settings

I think this is among one of those facebook’s attempt to become the youtube killer or at least the next best alternative, which is part of the larger scheme that the whole internet is buzzing about, Facebook is internet PLAN.