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How to Uninstall Foundry License Utility in Mac OSX

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Uninstalling the Foundry License Utility (FLT or FLU) is very simple if you know you way around the Mac OSX. If you visit the Foundry’s website they say,

To un-install FLT 7.0, please run the uninstaller script that is installed in the LicensingTools7.0 directory.

But if you haven’t dealt with Terminal before you might get lost, trying the follow a simple step that Foundry summed up in a single line.

  1. In the Folder /Applications/TheFoundry/LicensingTools7.1 you will find the file, open and cope the text.
  2. Open from /Applications/Utilities and type sudo -s Press Enter,then input your Password and press Enter. This will give you the root access to your mac which you would require for this task.
  3. Paste the the text you copied from
  4. You are done, you will find something like this in the end Completing uninstallation…..

If you are recently upgraded to Maverick or even Mountain Lion and above version of the OSX, FLT_7.0v2 will not work might not open actually. you would need to install FLT_7.0v5 or FLT 7.1v1.

For Reference
OSX 10.8: Mountain Lion
OSX 10.9: Mavericks
OSX 10.10: Yosemite
OSX 10.11:”El Capitan