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HTC add Wildfire S to their Indian Android line up

HTC wildfire s India

This year in February HTC show cased 5 cool Android phones(Desire S, Incredible S, Wildfire S, Salsa and chahca) and one tablet (Flyer). HTC Desire S and the Incredible S already reached India few months ago and now now finally the new Wildfire S has entered the Indian Shores.

HTC Wildfire S is the successor to the very popular Wildfire, processor speed (from 528MHz to 600MHz) and RAM (from 384MB to 512MB) have also been upgraded, but not enough perhaps to make much difference. It’s  an inexpensive(14,000INR) droid that offers some premium goodies. You get an excellent build and the latest Android 2.3. Sense is a great skin to have and so are some of the custom HTC features (the HTC Hub and integration).