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HTC Chacha (“Facebook Phone”) Renamed As ChaChaCha in Spain

While it may be surprising for some, it sure has been an instructive incidence for HTC in particular! HTC ChaCha: the name that instigates the impulse of salsa dance and is known casually as the “Facebook phone” was in hot soup due to the controversy affiliated with the name “ChaCha” itself!

As it turns out, ChaCha is not a simple term! It is regarded as a term of disparagement in Spanish and this was evidently revealed recently when it was sued for not only its trademark violation against the ChaCha search engine, but also because the term is not considered to be a respectful in the country of Spain!

So now according to reports online from ubergizmo, the HTC ChaCha will now be renamed as the ChaChaCha in the land of sun, sand and fiestas. This surely is an informative example for all manufacturers and corporate to conduct an exhaustive market research before labeling its product by using one’s internal sobriquets. Moreover, UberGizmo stated in a report that HTC should rather rename the phone and refrain from moving around the ChaCha issue even a slightest bit!

This sure is going to be an instructive incidence which is going to keep everyone’s ears and eyes open towards sufficient research before delving into one’s inherent realm, may it be language, culture, customs and traditions!