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HTC Desire and Desire Z ‘Out of Stock’ in India?Exclusive

htc desire A8181 Desire Z A7272

HTC Desire one of the best selling phones by HTC and then there is the HTC Desire Z the only HTC Android Phone with a QWERTY keyboard in the non-US market is reported to be getting out stock everywhere in India. Our sources in HTC have confirmed that they are currently out of stock of both these devices and maybe discontinued in India. Many retailers and Distributors have also confirmed that HTC has stopped the supply of these devices for some time now and most of them are either sold out or are on the brink of it.

I understand that HTC is replacing the HTC Desire with the Desire S which has a bigger RAM, ROM and storage and a front camera but if we compare the raw performance of the device there is  some improvement but the difference is not revolutionary. HTC has maybe also discontinuing the Z hinge slideout QWERTY phone called the HTC Desire Z which is bought just for its QWERTY keyboard, and is also the best Slide out QWERTY phone in India which right now has no Successor. Also the weirdest thing is HTC Desire Z was launched in India this March’11.

What do you think could be the reason, Has HTC discontinued the two awesome devices or was it an unplanned increase in sales?

We will keep you updated!