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HTC Desire HD, Desire Z Coming to India This Dec and for Desire

htc desire hd Desire z

Today I had a chat with one of the HTC Executives about the HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z hitting Indian Shores , about being available for rest of the HTC android group and last but not the least India Being included in the HTC’s Global International Policy. So lets start from the end…

Apparently India is not included in the HTC’s International/ Global Warranty list, i.e. your  HTC phone bought outside India will not be covered under warranty here and nor will the HTC phone bought in India get warranty cover outside India. Maybe HTC set out to find India in a boat and found America in the way and decided to love them more than us. But whatever the reason maybe This is going to Changed before the End of year 2010.

HTC launched a new Service called the, a free service similar the MobileMe service by Apple. But This service is only available for the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z, but the original HTC Desire is Expected to the new HTC sense update this year along with service.

Now the Biggest News, HTC Desire HD and Desire Z WILL BE coming to India in the Second week of december , both these phones are expected to be priced above 30,oooINR. Most Probably on Dec 10th

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All the information is based on the Information provided by the HTC execs…..