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HTC Desire HD,Desire Z & HD7 May not Officially reach India by 2010

HTC HD7 IndiaHTC Desire HD and Desire Z might be Delayed

HTC India sent us an email, updating us on the status of the HTC Desire HD, Desire Z and HD7 coming to India, Last time when we contacted them they said that both the devices will be here by Sunday, but in recent communications we have got to know that they have no information on when these phones are coming…  Now the previous news might be a leak that not everybody know about, or it is actually delayed or maybe they would launch it with Gingerbread out of the BOX…

Here is what the said

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and answering all of your questions and concerns.

To clarify your issue, you stated that: You want to know launch date of HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.

Regarding HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z launch date we would like to intimate you that currently there is no such information when this phone will launched in India. You will find that handset on the website if it is launched. Please visit to the HTC website

Regarding the price information you need to visit nearest retailer shop after launch of this mobile.