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HTC Sales up by 88% from last year may run out of stock soon

htc_flyer_news India

HTC has become one of the top five handset makers in the World with the launch of some great devices like The HTC desire, EVO 4G, wildfire, Incredible are just a few devices that put HTC on the map. Apart from great hardware the one thing that sets HTC apart for other Android makers is their intuitive user interface called HTC Sense UI. HTC Sense UI takes care of all small simple and annoying things making it more fun and easy to use.

HTC has recently released the EVO 3D in the US and soon in other parts of the world, then there is the HTC flyer and the HTC Sensation to keep up with the competition and market trends. Many experts believe that the way their sales have increased in the previous, the demand may become more than the supply which could be bad and they may increase the price of some products. But we  believe that HTC had predicted it and even HTC has it share in sudden fall in prices due to lack of demands  hence all should be good for HTC in other words business as usual.