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Indian Cyber Law is Against right to Freedom of speech

The new vague Indian Internet Law has given the government of India to take down any Internet activity that it doesn’t like. For example you blog about how you support the Anna Hazare movement or how EVIL Sharad Pawar is and that he is looting the India Citizen and Killing people by starving them could be declared against the law and be pulled down by the government.

Indian Cyber Law

As you can see in the above Extract from the Law only one thing seem to be clear this government is afraid of this new Internet generation and they want to bring them down before they unite and stand up for whats right. Like people of Egypt used twitter and other such social networking mediums to spread awareness the Indian government is afraid that is what the citizen’s of India may resolve to.

The Audio, Video and paper media lost their freedom of speech long time ago, when Karan Johar’s was threatened that no movie of his will be allowed to be screened in Mumbai and the audiences that will go to watch his movie will be beaten to death all because in his movie Wake Up Sid they refer Mumbai as Bombay. The only place for an India left to express his feelings seems to be the internet and now the India Government has decided to take that away Officically.

MediaNama has correctly explained how this Law aims on the freedom of speech and how the vague terms of the law can be used by the government to turn to Dictatorship. This government was asked when china can host the Olympics so flawlessly why can’t India, in reply the spokesperson said that India is a secular country and that the Fundamental Rights laid down by the Constitution of India are respected here. I wonder if what they said was true why does this Law look like the Google translate version of the Chinese Internet Law.

Summary of how The India Cyber Law is in a way Anti-Freedom

  • If you Look at the The phrases ‘grossly harmful’, ‘obscene’, ‘racially or ethnically objectionable’, these Phrases can be translated to any number of ways and any expression of opinion can be linked among any of these phrases and hence deemed against the Law
  • There is no clear Definition for Invasion of Privacy so if you tell the world that your partner left you can or post embarrassing pictures of somebody both will be/can be treated as guilty.
  • encouraging money laundering or gambling: gambling is illegal in India, but the Internet is awash with ads for online betting sites. What happens when ad networks automatically serve advertisements which encourage gambling? will they be held accountable in India? Remember that these rules are applicable for anything served within India, and not necessarily applicable to Indian ventures only.
  • The Law States “users may not publish anything that threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognisable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation.” Anything can go against this clause, for Example Blogging and supporting the Lok Pal Bill that threatened the public order or posting an extract from the wiki-leaks that exposed the Corrupt politician. So if tomorrow I start a new blog which states how corrupt every politician in this country is or I just post about it on my Facebook or Twitter I will be guilty for the above clause.

How will the Indian Cyber Law be Impelemented

  • If you Feel offended by any by anything posted on the Internet and feel it is blasphemous, promotes gambling, is grossly harmful, disrupts public order, is racially or ethnically objectionable, or can threaten friendly relations with foreign states, I only need to send a letter in writing to an ISP, and an ISP needs to act on within 36 hours? Who is the ISP to decide whether the complaint is a genuine one or not? In the previous version of the law, the complaint could be made by “an authority mandated under law”, so this change is even worse, and makes the complaints system easy to abuse and manipulate.

Here is the Copy of the Finalized Law in PDF format (Indian Cyber Law)

We would like to know your thought on it, are you going to Stand against it? Is our Nation turning into a Dictatorship ruled by InHuman Greedy blood thirsty Politicians who rather stuff their foreign bank accounts with tax payer’s Money than do one honest deed their entire life?

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