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Indian Govt. wants to see your Gmail and skype Accounts

Gmail Banned in India

The Indian Governmental who has been in talk with RIM the makers of Blackberry for almost 3 Years now has now has sought access to monitor data on Google Inc.’s email service and on the Internet telephone services offered by Skype Ltd., (now owned by Microsoft) among others, for security reasons, the junior minister for telecommunications and information technology said Wednesday.

“There are a whole list of companies that have been asked to give access/provide solutions, because law enforcement agencies, the home ministry and intelligence agencies want that information for national security,” Sachin Pilot told reporters on the sidelines of an industry event.

Source WSJ

Google Previously refused India’s request to lower down the level of encryption for “Gmail”  and of course Google Denied it as it will risk the Gmail Accounts of User world wide which trust Google to keep their Information safe.

“But we are not advocating non-compliance and are definitely open to offering the Indian government access to encrypted Gmail communication in the event of a large-scale risk to human life and property,” he said. Indian authorities are seeking control over communication systems for internal security as intelligence agencies do not have the technical resources to intercept communication services and data transfers on the internet, especially when encryption levels exceed a certain threshold.

Source – Economic Times

The government had two years ago asked all internet service providers in the country to lower encryption levels to better monitor communication systems in the country. Services on low encryption levels are to blame for country’s dismal internet penetration, say internet experts.

India has not given any Date to Google or Skype on when do they expect all this to  happen and since the HRD and Telecom Minister is to busy playing politics and so is the Home minister. So I believe that since even after the CEO of RIM said Indians are jealous of their success India has been giving them a grace for the past three years and the past history says that all these ultimatums, threats to block and so called security measure have led to corporates ‘Buying’ time and getting delays and the current Indian Govt has clearly indirectly mentioned that it’s about the Money and the security of the people is just a hoax.

Here is an Example…