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Internet connectivity in India among the WORST in the world

India has the worst Internt Connecttivity in the World

Do you feel that your ISP (Internt Service Provider) never gives you the promised speed  and it’s always slow and the so called data limit or FUP (Fair Usage Policy) always ends before you reach half? Congratulations because the Akamai reports proves that you are living in the part of the world where you have the worst Internet connectivity.

The average speed of Internet in India is 0.9MBPS  which puts India at 114th position in the world(quarter 4, 2011), a jump from 122nd postion from last year, which is very shameful.

The so called Govt experts did believe that after 3G which was launched last year the average speed would have a tremendous increase but with very high 3G rates it has made no difference.

In comparison, China is 86th on the list with the average speed of 1.5mbps. Brazil has an average speed of 1.8mbps. For Asia-Pacific, Akamai said “India remained the only surveyed country within the region that has an average connection speed below 1mbps”. The report says that South Korea has world’s best internet infrastructure with average speed of over 17mbps.

For India, the Akamai report reveals the speed has gone up by 13% in the last one year. But at the same time, the country has just 8.4% internet connections with speed of over 2mbps. In comparison, over 20% internet connections in china offer actual speed of over 2mbps.But this isn’t the worst part – 27% of internet connections in India have less than 256kbps, only four other countries in the world – Libya, Nigeria, Nepal and Iran – fare worse than India on this parameter.

The maximum speed generally available in India is 2mbps but the is accompanied by a very expensive FUP plan, for example BSNL will charge Rs. 900 for a 2mbps plan till 8GB and after that 512kbps, the minimum charge of 2mbps plan in Airtel is Rs. 649 which is 2mbps til 3GB  and after that 256kbps and Tikona will at least charge you Rs 3500 Rs for a 2mbps plan that 256kbps after 30GB. Let me tell you something about 256kbps, the maximum download speed you are going to get with it is 30kbps and if you plan watch a youtube video and the lowest quality possible (240p) it will still be VERY slow to load the video.

A study done by TRAI in 2008 did reveal that 256kbps is only good for googling, but if you want to download or watch video then you need at least 512kbps and for watching HD videos  you need at least 2mbps and multilayer gaming you need 4-8mbps speed and they still concluded 256kbps is enough because there were countries that have set speed lowest limit to 256 kbps.

TRAI had announced the minimum Broadband speed to be 512kbps from Jan-2011 increase from 256kbps but still even the big players like Reliance and Airtel follow the minimum speed limit of 256kbps. Even BSNL which is a government owned telecom company haven’t upgraded from 256kbps to 512kbps. There are also ISPs like Tikona that don’t even hit the 256kbps mark and have set the minimum speed limit to 128kbps.

Online gaming is pretty much dead in India, as many gaming server don’t even allow players who have speed less than 4mbps, while 2mbps is the minimum speed if want to have a decent gaming experience.

Links to Various ISP’s Broadband Plans and Tariffs

Slow speed and High prices is just one part of the story, then there comes the after sale service, which one the biggest let downs, there are issues like no connectivity, FUP limiting ending without actually crossing it, availability and different errors that will even more ruin the internet experience.


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