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iOS 4.2 brings back iPhone 3G back to life with almost iOS 3 like Speeds

iphone 3g ios 4.2Recently a new lawsuit was filed against apple and this time it was by the iPhone 3G and 3GS owners, they claimed that iOS 4 update crippled their phone and was almost unusable and apple did this to promote the new iPhone 4. I experienced it myself  iPhone 3G became super slow and the battery always started to heat up all the time and drain quickly and all the apps used to crash all the time and normal apps like the SMS app or even typing took more time that it should have. Few Months ago Mr. Jobs announced that iOS 4.1 update will improve the performance of both the phones, which it did and though the phone was still usable it was still very slow and at least slower than its previous version iOS 3.1.3. Apple has release the GM edition of the iOS 4.2 for the developers and when installed on the iPhone 3G it shows that its now even faster than the iOS 4.1. Here is a video preview….