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Apple, Motorola, HTC the top 3 most reliable mobile brands

iphone ipod ipadFinally!!! Yes Finally iOS 4.2 is out for compatible iDevices, which includes the ‘iPhone 3G, 3GS & 4 and iPod 2G,3G, 4G and finally the iPad. iOS 4.2 was missed the most by iPhone 3G and iPad Owners, iPhone 3G owners missed it because this update was expected to bring back the device back to life, if you dont know then just for your information, iOS4 Crippled the iPhone 3G. The phone had become dead slow, normal app function took a lot of time, the phone use to heat up and it killed the battery life. The owners blamed apple for this problem and accused them of doing this deliberately to promote their new iPhone 4. But this update should fix all this.

Second were the iPad owners who were in need of this update as it would give the device Multitasking and all other iOS4 capabilities.

Summary Of what’s New features iOS 4.2 brings to all iDevices



While these updates for the iPhones and iPod Touches are just tweaks but for iPad its lie the complete make over…. Some the features include

AirPrint – AirPrint is Apple’s wireless printing service. By the time it ships, it should be able to send pages to almost any printer on the same Wi-Fi network, or to certain printers directly

AirPlay – AirPlay is an evolution of Apple’s AirTunes system that used to let you stream music between iTunes on Windows or Mac and Apple TV or Airport Express connected speakers. AirPlay takes that to the next level, letting you stream video and pictures as well as music from iPad (or iPhone or iPod touch) and the new 2010 Apple TV. Built-in apps like iPod, Video, etc. can stream, but it looks like any App Store apps that use the built in video system can also stream if they so choose. We’re guessing Hulu will choose not to implement it, but with apps like Air Video and who knows what else to come, it could be killer. You can tell AirPlay is an option when its icon appears to the right of the volume slider. It looks like a TV-style box with a triangle being inserted up into it. (Yeah, seriously). AirPlay compatible apps, when AirPlay compatible devices are present, will show the AirPlay icon as a button. Tap it and you get a list of devices you can stream to. Tap one and your video will switch from iPhone to TV

Home Screen – Now, after you double press the home button to bring up the fast app switcher, you can swipe left to get to the audio controls and orientation lock as before, but you can also swipe left again to get to a new volume slider and AirPlay control.

Youtube- It get AirPlay functionality and instead of the 5 Stars rating in Youtube App now it is replaced by the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down icons for Like and Dislike Options.

Messages –Another option is added at the top in the messages app known as “Factime”.

Photos – Now print images directly from the Photos App and there is also an option to select multiple images for printing, though AirPlay option us not present in the Photos App it self still you can go to the home screen and activate AirPlay.

Notes – Notes gets two new fonts ‘Helvetica’ and Chalk Board

Sound – Though Apple has Given new Text tones still there is no option to add new tones. New tones include Anticipate, Bloom, Calypso, Choo Choo, Descent, Fanfare, Ladder, Minuet, News Flash, Noir, Sherwood Forest, Spell, Suspense, Telegraph, Tiptoes, Typewriters, and Update.

General: Restriction –You can now prevent people (i.e. your young children) from deleting apps. It’s amazing how fast a 4 year old can yank everything from the dock and obliterate every app on your home screen. No longer. Parents of the world rejoice. You can also prevent the little tykes from changing Location Services (e.g. GPS) and email accounts. You can also now prevent your kids from accepting Game Center friend requests, thus ensuring their online play remain strictly anti-social and (potentially more) secure.

Contacts – Now in addition to custom Ringtones you also assign custom message (SMS/MM) tones for different people.
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JailBreak and Unlock

The Official jailbreak and Unlock for the iOS 4.2 is expected to be in the next 2 days, as mentioned by the Dev team in a twitter update, another thing they mentioned was that the mentioned only iPhone 3G and 3GS and still no mention about the iPhone 4…. Maybe we will have to wait for it a little longer.

iphone jailbreak and unlock

We will inform you if there is any update in the story and will also be there with a guide to unlock your device as soon as it is available…