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iPAD 2 case leaked – Front and back Camera

Apple is one brand that is always in the news and every few months there are some rumors related to leaks. This time its iPad, iLounge is reporting that a Chinese manufacturer, is now offering what it claims is a case for the second-generation iPad. The leaked images and informations claims that the device will have rear-facing camera and SD card slot

iPad2G-Leaked.The second one comes from a Japanese site shows similar cases in black and white models, with a hole for the camera in the upper left corner and the same volume / headphone jack layout of the current generation iPad. As MacRumors notes, however, the spot for the volume buttons in these cases looks smaller.



What We know so far that the iPad 2 has

  • The Retina Display (same one in the iPhone)
  • A MicroSD Card Slot
  • Thinner than the iPad (1)
  • A front facing and a back camera with HD video recording.