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iPhone 4S Launch leads to Record Number of BlackBerry Trade-ins should Android worry?

iphone vs blackberry

This year was no good for the company that makes the Blackberry devices and goes by the name of Research in Motion, They had security issues with the governments of few countries, then Apple and Android pushed them down a few steps and then the recent World Wide server issues they had where people wasted their money for paying for the expensive Blackberry service exclusive plans but didn’t get any service and all they got was some 100 dollar worth paid Apps for compensation. iPhone 4 launch was hit and all brands saw a downfall in sales and so did the iPhone 4S Launch but this time Blackberry has taken the worse hit of them all. The company’s messenger only phone is not working them, when you can get Hundred Thousands Apps, games and watch movies on a Dual Core Retina Display phone that talks to you and even taunts you, why will you get a blackberry phone for the same price that can do none of that.

American Retailers have reported that After the iPhone 4S launch Blackberry trade ins are higher than ‘EVER’, which I don’t think   is a coincidence.

Gazelle’s “Chief Gadget Officer’ Anthony Scarsella told CNET that this is “easily the highest volume of BlackBerry trades ever seen period.” That includes a “spike” following this month’s outage. “In the grand scheme of BlackBerry growth over the past month, it can be pretty much entirely attributed to the launch of the iPhone 4S,” Scarsella said.

In India RIM doesn’t have to fear the iPhone as here iPhone 4 costs more than iPhone 4S prices in some countries and iPhone 4S costs more than any Official Price of the Devices Around the world so it’s safer here.