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iPhone 4S Siri Test on Video- Meet the Real ‘Smart’ Phone with a an Accent (Must See)


iPhone 4S came with a new feature called ‘Siri’ and apple claims it to be a ‘personal assistant’ to the user. Apple has programed this app to answer almost any type of question as it learns adapt as the ‘Conversation’ between the Phone and the user goes on. Yes you can now have a CONVERSATION with YOUR PHONE!!!. Another cool feature of this app is that it the accent of the voice can be changed by the user and if it supports the accent that is spoken the the part of the world you live in it will automatically be set as default. Another great feature about the phone/app is that not only it learns from you it will occasionally taunt you as well.

See the Videos below and tell us what do you think about the app, is it smarter than you are? I am afraid what will be the next new feature of iPhone 5, user the assistant of the phone?