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iPhone 4S V/S Samsung Galaxy S 3 Drop test – Which Breaks First?

Samsung Galaxy S 3 V/ iPhone 4s Drop Test

Samsung Galaxy S 3 the latest Quad Core phone from Samsung and running the latest Android 4.0 OS takes on the Dual Core iPhone 4S running iOS 5 to see which phone is more durable, to see which phone can take a fall and get back up, etc. you get the point.

The tests were conducted by SquareTrade, they provide Independent warranties for electornics.

Both the phones go through three rounds of tests,

  1. Drop from Ear level – It happens.
  2. Dropped by a Kid – SquareTrade claims that 1 in every 4 phones is a parent’s  damaged by a kid.
  3. Dropped from a Moving Car – SquareTrade claims 1 in every 15 phones gets damaged because the owner forgot it on the top of the car.

Don’t try this at home kids