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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C finally get subsidized Zero DownPayment Deal in India

iphone 5s and 5c List

RCom has confirmed to BGR India that a consumer can buy the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on subsidized plans in India. So that means you can get a 16GB iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C for Zero down payment with Rs. 2999 and 2599 monthly charge respectively on a two year plan with unlimited 3G and voice calls with no FUP limit.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Installment Plan

Model Down Payment Installment Voice Calls
(Local & STD)
iPhone 5S 16GB 0 2999 Unlimited Unlimited
32GB 10999 2999 Unlimited Unlimited
64GB 19992 2999 Unlimited Unlimited
iPhone 5C 16GB 0 2599 Unlimited Unlimited
32GB 11600 2599 Unlimited Unlimited

“Anything that you can do with the new iPhones in India, it will be included in the plan,” an RCom spokesperson told BGR India.

Commenting on the same, Gurdeep Singh, President & CEO-Wireless Business, Reliance Communications said, “Apple is an aspirational phone. We are trying to make it more affordable.” “We are looking forward to an overwhelming response,” Singh said. “We are working consistently to push data services agenda,” he added. – Economic Times

This deal is only valid to people with credit cards, as Reliance with link this to your card and every month the amount will be deducted from your card automatically.

This scheme is has been in implementation in the US and other countries for years now and has been finally launched in India with reliance. As the trend has been in India when one network introduces  a plan, other follow. But till the time other do come Reliance is going to have a edge over the other among the iPhone adopters. I personally believe this is a brilliant scheme with only drawback being Reliance has fewer 3G circles than others, and if you are a satisfied Reliance customer with good 3G connectivity in your area, I would recommend you to run with this deal.

Reliance iPhone 5S & 5C Official FAQ

1. What is the special offer on iPhone 5S and 5C on Reliance?

We are delighted to launch Apple iPhone 5S  and iPhone 5C plans on Reliance GSM.To own an iPhone  5S 16 GB, you only need to pay a monthly EMI of 2999 for the next 24 months.  This postpaid plan will have zero rentals, zero charge of local and STD  calling, Zero charge for local and STD SMS, zero charge for 3G/2G data usage!

To own an iPhone  5C 16 GB, you need to pay only 2599 as EMI for the next 24 months. Please  remember, that during this 24 months you can use your iPhone for unlimited  local and STD calls, send unlimited number of local and STD SMS, browse on our  3G network for unlimited duration. This postpaid plan will have zero rentals,  zero charge of local and STD calling, Zero charge for local and STD sms, zero  charge for 3G/2G data usage!

2. Can I get an iPhone 5S/5C from you on the CDMA network?

We are not offering these iPhone models CDMA, at this point in time. The attractive plan offerings are currently available on Reliance GSM

3. Is this offer applicable on MNP As well?

Yes we will be delighted to extend the exciting offer on MNP as well and we welcome all customers on Reliance GSM wanting to avail unlimited benefits on the special truly unlimited iphone bundled plan

4. Is the handset locked to Reliance services or can I use any other SIM?

The iPhone purchased through Reliance is not locked to Reliance. You can use the iPhone for any SIM of your choice. However, since this is a bundled offer, it is in your interest to use Reliance.

5. What happens if I buy the iPhone 5S/5C bundled offer and then I move to another operator in the next 24 months?

If you face any issue with regards to our service, we will ensure that the issue is sorted. If you still decide to move on, you can move to any operator subject to MNP clearance. Please note, in these cases, there will be no refund on discontinuation of service

6. What does the postpaid plan have?

Unlimited voice calls include Local and STD calls*. However, ISD calls will be charged as per the applicable tariff

7. What is the data speed I will get?

You can enjoy unlimited 3G data from your mobile. The speed of the data will vary based on your location and our corresponding network coverage and 3G license in that location.

8. Will I get unlimited free usage while roaming as well?

Your unlimited free usage includes usage on roaming as well .You will not be charged for local and national usage. International calls/SMS will be charged

9. Will I get a bill every month?

There will be an invoice generated every month. However, if you are not making ISD calls/ SMS / ISD roaming, you will not have to make any payment.

10. Will I need to pay any security deposit for activation of ISD services?

The ISD services will be auto activated and you need not pay any security deposit

11. Will this plan work, if I change my handset anytime within 24 months?

All benefits of the offer will work even if you change your handsets in the next 24 months.<br>
However pls note this plan will not work in dongles and will work only in smartphones

12. Can I buy this offer without the EMI will full down payment?

Yes, you can buy this phone without an EMI.  You will also get a discount Rs.6000 on the purchase amount.

13.  How can I make the payment if I want to buy without EMI?

You can make the payment using your credit card without opting for an EMI, pay by cash or debit card.

14. Is there a fair usage policy when you say Unlimited?

No there is no fair usage policy as of now however reliance reserves the rights to discontinue the benefits if the plan is used beyond the prescribed TRAI Guidelines  for any commercial/telemarketing activities

15. I want to avail the plan and I do not have 3G network in my state?

To get the best experience on this offer and phone, you will have to use in 3G circles. However, you can use this in 2G circles as well. Here you will get unlimited 2G data usage.

16. Is the offer available on select iPhone models or across all models?

This offer is applicable across the following  iPhone models, purchased from Reliance.
iPhone 5C – 16 GB, iPhone 5C – 32 GB, iPhone 5S – 16 GB, iPhone 5S – 32 GB, iPhone 5S – 64 GB
If these iPhone models are purchased from  outside and not from Reliance, this offer will not be valid. This is bundled  plan for phone + plan.

17. Is the EMI offer available only on Credit cards?

Yes the EMI offer is available only on credit cards

18. If Customer uses Credit Card, will the entire payment (Device Cost + Rental for 2 years) get blocked?

Yes the entire value of the purchase is blocked

19. What all Credit Cards are accepted under this offer?

You can make a purchase using any of the  following mentioned credit cards
1. ICICI Bank Credit Card
2. HDFC Bank Credit Card
3. Citibank Credit Card
4. Standard Charted Credit Card

20. Is the EMI offer available with Standing Instructions to Bank A/c / PDC?

No currently the offer is available only on credit cards whose EMI’s will reflect in the monthly statements of the credit card

21. For some reason, if I am unable to use the handset / offer for couple of days or weeks, will there be any extension in the unlimited usage duration from 24 months?

NO the validity of the offer remains fixed for 24 months from the date of purchase and there shall be no extension for the unused period.

22. What will be the monthly rental after 24 months? Will there be any security deposit (local/ ILD/ Roaming) applicable after 24 months?

After 24 months the customer will enjoy truly unlimited benefits as available in the current combo offer at just Rs.1499 per month. There will be no separate security deposit  charged for ILD roaming from these customers

23. Is there a fair usage policy for SMS as per TRAI guidelines?

Yes, As Per the TRAI policy the SMS is capped to 3000 SMS per month

24. I am a new Reliance customer. How much time will you take to activate this offer?

The special unlimited plan on iPhone 5S/5C  will be activated immediately before you walk out of the store.
For MNP Customers, If you wish to port your existing number to  Reliance, then our store representatives will help you with the MNP process.  Your services will be activated as soon as we get clearance from the central  authority and your existing provider. Please be assured that we will provide all  the required support to make this transition smooth.

25.  Is this offer available for existing Reliance customers or also for new &amp; existing customers?

This offer is available for new acquisitions as well as existing customers

26. I am an existing Reliance GSM customer and I want to buy a new iPhone with the bundled plan. How much time will it take to change the plan?

Your plan will be activated within 48 hours of your purchase. We will also reimburse you for usage on local and STD voice, SMS and data till the new plan has been activated.

27. Where all can I get this offer?

This offer is available across the 59 Reliance World outlets or you can also shop the product online at

28. Is there an interest cost involved?

As per the new RBI guidelines, there is an interest cost since it is financed by the bank in easy EMIs. The EMI value specified includes the interest cost which will be specified to you separately at the time of purchase. Pls note the interest cost will be settled by you every month with the bank in your monthly credit card settlements. Also any interest that the bank may charge due to payment dues on the credit card has to be clarified with the bank.

29. Is there any buy back / special upgrade offer provided for existing Reliance iPhone users (especially to the iPhone 5 users who were recently acquired)?

No other buyback offer available currently.