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LG Optimus Black Pre-Review – Everything you need to know and see


LG Optimus Black features a clean, elegant and exceedingly thin exterior, which is garnished with a 4-inch IPS display capable of generating 700 nits of brightness. There’s the usual litany of added features, too, like a 5 megapixel shooter with the ability to record 720p video, a special G-Key for motion controls, and Wi-Fi Direct for peer-to-peer file transfers.

Many believe that the Black is late to the party when the dual core monsters like the optimus 2x, Galaxy S II and the Sensation have already shown what they are capable of, but we believe that it’s not there to compete with the ultra high ends, its here to compete in the upper midrange, like the HTC Desire, Galaxy S and Desire Z.

The LG Optimus Black feels great in the hand. Despite the lightweight super thin body, the device feels extra solid. The curved back improves handling and the matt plastic is both pleasant to the touch and fingerprint-resistant. The Black is surprisingly light for a phone of its size – some prefer heavier phones for the feel but others would go for less weight in the pocket. Anyway, we wouldn’t say no to the rock solid build and subtle elegance of the Optimus Black.

The optimus Black has no qHD or retina Display to boast around but it has one of the brightest screen in a mobile phone called the Nova Display.

The LG Optimus Black focuses on the all-round experience rather than the raw processing power but a 1GHz (single-core) CPU and 512MB RAM should be by any means enough for most apps .

The Optimus Black features the Wi-Fi Direct technology, which claims faster local file transfers than Bluetooth 2.x, and is as easy to set up as Bluetooth.

The imaging department also earns a nod – 5MP stills and 720p videos should be enough for the average user. The 2MP front-facing camera is right on time to join the revival of video calling.

In the Performance Section LG Optimus Black is not fastest phone even among the phone with similar Specs like the Sony Ericsson Arc and Samsung Nexus S but that can also be because the phone is still Android 2.2. The phone would show the occasional Lag during the transitions and animations while scrolling or switching between menus. Then Comes the Touch Screen which is not as expected, there will be times when tap will not be registered or when you are typing fast the phone will miss few alphabets which could turn out to be very annoying.

LG optimus Black also has a Button on the side below the Volume Rocker called the G key, when pressed can  take the user experience to a whole new level,if it was as accurate and responsive as promised. It support functions Like shaking twice to activate the camera, auto answering the call when you pick up the phone, switching between the home screens by tilting, etc. But then again it’s not as smooth as it sounds

It seems  that LG Over loaded  the phone with animations and transitions the phone cant handle nor does the phone seems tweaked to be fast on what it has. There is still hope for the LG Optimus Black in the form of the Gingerbread Update, which could fix the little lags an bugs which turn out to be Pretty Annoying.