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Max Payne 3 Release Date & Trailer – Looks Awesome!

TG Max Payne 3

When you play a game, it’s divided into three parts (for the Gamer) the Loading Screen, the Cinematic video and game play, this was the traditional way of gaming. Imagine all the three parts rolled in to one, it’s like playing or being part of a movie.

If you are a Max Payne veteran then you will be happy as they have retained the old unique Max Payne game play like bullet time and flying around in Slow Mo shooting people (bad guys).

Even though Max Payne 3 isn’t being developed by Remedy (the house behind the first two games), the Rockstar reps on hand informed me “they’d seen what we were doing with the game, gave some notes, and they’re excited about its direction.” When the first trailer for Max Payne 3 debuted on September 14, Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne tweeted, “A big thumbs-up and congrats to Rockstar on the Max Payne 3 trailer!”

Reprising his role as the voice of Payne is James McCaffrey, who is also responsible for Payne’s motion-capture in the third game. It’s his physical appearance Max Payne is now based on–which, from what we’ve seen, isn’t that much of a deviation. I had always likened Max Payne to real-life actor Dean Winters (“Oz,” “30 Rock,” Allstate commercials) but found out otherwise when I met Sam Lake face to face. Lake is the writer of and physical inspiration for Payne in the first title. Payne was modeled after actor Timothy Gibbs in the second title.

Max Payne 3 is releasing on 15th May,2012