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Meego and Intel atom meet in Russia

Following on from yesterdays post here about the MeeGo devices, further information has emerged and we thought it best to do a separate post. Below is a translation from Russian to English of the Original post:

On live Russian TV (Channel “Rain”) representatives from Intel were: Kamil Isaev (Director of Research and Developement for Russia & CIS) and Andrel Matveev (Director of Marketing in Russia & CIS) to discuss MeeGo.

Some of the key features of new operating systems were named such as faster boot times, support for Flash, an application for easy access to social networks (for example, My world, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Mamba and Last.FM) and immunity to viruses. Yes, for Linux viruses almost do not exist as it is harder for them to succeed with this operating system. The key is to MeeGo are two ideas. Firstly, this is an open ecosystem, friendship with open source. It is planned that this would lead to new ideas and thoughts which are born out of the interaction.

Secondly, the applicability of the operating system and applications written under it, on a variety of devices: the netbook, nettop, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and televisions themselves

And this is even more interesting – a prototype of a smartphone based on the same combination of Intel Atom and MeeGo. Dimensions, as you see, are pretty standard, comparable with many other smartphones on the market, to take even the same Nokia N900. Interface mobile MeeGo, as is easily seen to be significantly different from the “netbook-tablet”. However, it will evolve further in the future.

The most important thing – it’s not a commercial sample and a prototype for testing functionality, the final MeeGo phones will be different. The company representatives noted that the smartphones – this is the last link in the chain MeeGo-devices. First appeared in the sale of notebooks, then – the Tablets (the first quarter of 2011), then – handsets like the flagship Nokia N9. By the way, the tablet from Nokia can also be expected in the first half of next year, they are working on a 10-inch screen,Intel Atom based processor with a custom interface running on top of standard MeeGo.

What is important in the MeeGo chain? It is the painless transfer of all applications across all devices based on this OS. Intel and Nokia, with the support of the open source community are to create an entire ecosystem, when a computer tablet and smartphone use one OS, one application. You can start something on the computer and finish it on a smartphone which you have already taken on the road. The same can be said about the editing of documents, e-mail and much, much more. This versatility – it’s part of the future, and this is the most attractive thing for MeeGo. Digital continuum in action. It’s really impressive.

….. It would be incorrect to asses the prospects of this OS at such an early stage, in no small part to the ever shifting number of connected companies including AMD who announced their invovement at the MeeGo Conference held in Russia. But MeeGo clearly does have a future. Those notebooks (for example, Lenovo S10-3c, MSI Wind U135, U160) with preinstalled MeeGo making it easier for new users. And then arrives the heavy artillery in the form of a whole army of tablets and smartphones. Tablets are already being developed by such companies as Acer, Lenovo, and ViewSonic and additionally they will be added to the netbook range of the same manufacturers.
In general, the ongoing and growing support of the majority of manufacturers is a very important point for MeeGo, the situation is quite the opposite tablet from the Blackberry and Apple. So this is the beginning path of MeeGo in Russia. Let’s see what happens.