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Microsft claims to surpass iPhone’s Market share in China

Nokia Lumia 800 vs Apple iPhone 4S TG

Michel van der Bel, COO Greater China Region at Microsoft, recently claimed that Microsoft has recently has already gathered 7% of the Market share in China, surpassing iPhone’s Market share of 6% in just two months of of it’s first Windows phone launch in the country.

“We have only just begun,” he said,“Our smartphone and tablet-pc are hybrid, making them suitable for the consumer, but also easy to insert within an existing company infrastructure. This will allow us to better anticipate the consumerization of IT than many competitors. ”

IDC reported that by next windows phone will have 15% of china’s market share, above Apple’s 13% share. Currently Apple has 70% of the Market share in China and this also expected to rise and Android continues to improve it’s OS and it will be tough to beat by either Microsoft or Apple.

Windows phone has less than 90,00 Apps right now, while iOS has 600,000 apps and Android is a little behind it with 500,000 apps.

“We indeed still have a battle. There are currently working at our R & D Department 2,500 people in China. We will  invest heavily in there, “said the COO.