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Microsoft Previews Windows Phone 8 Apollo – Good & Bad News

WIndows 8 Launched

Microsoft recently announced and previewed the  Windows phone 8 Ap0llo operating system in a Press Event in San Fransisco. Windows Phone Program manager Joe Belfiore said that he’s excited to talk about what will be coming to Windows Phone “this fall.”

The phone operating system will have Internet Explorer 10 and will be running the same that it has on the desktop computers. Microsoft claims JavaScript and HTML 5 performance was their main focus while building a browser for Windows 8. My question is who uses Internet Explorer on the desktop any way?

Microsoft set a new benchmark for the future devices, the minimum resolution should be between 800 x 480 px and will support up to 720p  (1280×720 pixels) HD WXGA (1280×768).

Microsoft did mention it will support Dual Core and more devices which I figure minimum dual core and we can start expecting quad core windows phone 8 running devices soon.

Apollo will also support Changing Micro SD cards for installing apps, storing music and photos as well as sharing data with a PC or another phone. Windows Phone 7 supported neither of that.

Windows Phone 8 will include Nokia’s mapping technology built in. Encryption and secure boot are two new features designed to impress the IT professionals and business class.

“Windows Phone 8 is ready for business,” Belfiore said.

Microsoft will allow developers to write exclusive code for WP8 devices which will help the game developers to easily port games to the devices.

“We’re going to see some freaking killer games this year,” Belfiore said.

WP8 will be synced to a NFC chip, will support storing credit and debit cards, coupons, saved deals, loyalty and membership cards and tap-to-pay secure NFC payments

Microsoft has also announced they will be changing the start screen , it’s similar to the windows phone 7 user interface. Users will be able to choose the size of any tile, including those installed by default.

“No other phone can do anything like this,” Belfiore said


Gameloft and Big Fish are first of the Game developers partnering with Windows Phone 8 to port games.

First Windows 8 Phone devices will manufactured by Nokia, HTC, Samsung and China’s Huawei, using Qualcomm chips.

Microsoft says the current Windows Phone 7 devices will get the update for next 18months but not Apollo 8 devices just minor tweaks and firmware fixes.