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Microsoft To Launch $99 Xbox And Kinect Bundle with 2 year Subscription


According to sources close to The Verge, Microsoft is geared up to release a $99 Xbox + Kinect console package next week, which will charge a monthly subscription fee and include Xbox Live access, as well as additional extras. Pretty awesome news right?

According to the report, the deal will only retail at Microsoft’s own stores throughout the United States (only). Currently customers can buy phones from carrier under such subscription scheme and owning a Xbox under 100 USD could turn out to be Xbox’s edge over PS3. The subscription service obviously will include the Xbox Live’s gold subscription pack for Xbox, which like buying a Xbox for Rs. 5ooo, paying in installment for two years and getting all the Xbox Live Goodness (online gaming + Free Demos + Addons) for FREE.

If Microsoft is willing to bring this scheme to India sign me up for one as well. What do you think, you game?  And would really like to ask the PS3 fans would leave the for cheaper Xbox experience?