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Microsoft to Showcase Windows Phone Applo next week

Windows Phone 8 summit

Microsoft is going to announce the next version Windows Phone ‘Apollo’ or Windows phone 8  on June 2oth,12.  Microsoft is calling it the Future of windows phone which I hope is not just making the tiles colourful and or reminding of the ‘integrated ecosystem’ of PCs, Consoles and mobiles which in other words means all of them are going to have the same user interface and their data is going to be synced to each other over the internet.

Many (including me) believe the new Windows 8 upgraded is more of a user interface change than anything else and the interface change is not making things simpler or faster just prettier. But let’s hold the opinions till Microsoft releases it’s final built and hope it’s good because Windows is the Most used operating system in the world it has to be more than what meets the eye.