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Modder Unites XBOX and PS3 in a Single Case

PS3 Xbox Mod

The debate XBox V/S PS3 which is better and which is more superior has going on for long time actually since the beginning of the time (of Ps3 and Xbox). Both have their loyal fans but for a neutral person to choose between the two is not easy as both has their pluses and minuses, both have a different approach to motion control gaming and both have exclusive game tittles.

A Modder that goes by the name of a Timofiend also was having a tough time picking one so he made the device by removing the parts from both an Xbox 360 Slim and an older-generation PlayStation 3 in a Desktop PC cabinet.  Although it’s not the prettiest of case mods, it certainly gets the job done. The PS3’s temperature peaked at 38 degrees Celsius while the 360 ranged from 38-39 degrees Celsius (both temperatures are lower than usual).

The temperature should be cooler once liquid cooling is introduced into the gear, which Timofiend left out due to financial constraints the parts from the PS3 proved too big to fit additional cooling devices.

The modder is now currently working on creating a set of instructions so that everyone can create a similar setup. Do note however, that attempting to take apart either gaming console will void your warranty.