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Motorola Brings Hollywood Style VFX Droid Razr Commercials

Droid Razor AD

Every company has their own style of shooting Ads and Commercials for their products, Apple has one ad where the Top Management guys speak about the phone and others are people using the phone. Sony Ericsson shows of their phones in a Flashy ad with a pretty Girl (Sports Player/ Model/ Actress). HTC ads starts from Pencil Drawing and ends with showing off the hardware and UI of the devices.

Motorola always had and have a style of Action Movie Scene like commercials. Be it the Original Razr V3i or the Razr 2 or and of the Droid (Droid, Droid 2, Droid 2, Droid X Droid X2 etc) ads and the Droid Razr is Also no Different. So before you start the ad get your Pop Corn and Drinks ready. Only thing Missing? Wish it was in 3D.