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Motorola CEO blames Android Apps Reason for Poor Battery Life (We Disagree)

Motorola Poor Battery life

The CEO of Motorola Dr. Sanjay Jha slams the Android Market and Claims that the 70% of the phones returned are due to poorly written(coded) apps that drains the battery life of the phone and making the user return the phone for a refund at a webcast presentation at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology conference on Thursday.

Unlike most other mobile app stores, the Android Market is totally open, meaning anyone can upload an application to the store. While Google removes applications that are found to be malicious, there is no mechanism for ensuring that applications perform efficiently.

“For power consumption and CPU use, those apps are not tested. We’re beginning to understand the impact that has,” Jha said.

Motoblur collects information about customer use of applications and how that use relates to functions like power consumption. With that data, Motorola learns which applications drain power. “We are getting to the place that we should be able to warn you,” Jha said. He envisions presenting a notice to users when they launch an application alerting them that using the application will drain 35 percent of the phone’s power, for example, he said. The user can then decide to continue or conserve power.

Adding capabilities to Motoblur is one way that Motorola can try to set itself apart in an increasingly crowded Android market. With Motoblur the company wanted to first build scale, then delight customers and finally see what kind of competitive leverage it can get from the software, he said. Currently, about 10 million people have Motorblur on their phones. “It’s beginning to get interesting,” he said.

It’s still a good bet, though, because he believes Android is evolving and innovating faster than any other platform. “The negative is all of us are competing extremely hard to get more market share and attention,” he said. “So those are the trade-offs there


Why We disagree with Mr. Jha and believe that android Market is not the reason of poor battery life of phones.

  1. Motoblur – Every Phone reviewer , ever expert and every user who has used Motorola handsets and other android handsets know that Motoblur is one of the reasons Motorola phones have poor battery life. The not so good looking user interface and the Social Apps and Tools offered by the Motoblur and as a whole is one of the non recommended battery drainer non battery efficient User Interface out there. Also Motorola is not fully with the whole openness system as they lock the bootloader of the phone making it really tougher to root and easier to brick if something goes wrong while taking the higher road. Motorola Android phones  and good battery life are the phrases that don’t go together.
  2. Lack of Awareness – Lot of phone buyers in the US buy the phones on contract and it turns out the be cheap and when the switch from their features phones where the majority of the phone usage was calling and texting, and when the jump on the smartphone bandwagon they want to do everything all the time at the same time.
    They want their facebook and twitter notifications getting updated every 5 minutes. Live Widgets? Yes Please, Live moving Wallpapers? Yes Please, Constant weather updates ? yes Please. Then they go to the Android Market and download the latest and most talked about Apps like the Asphalt 6, NFS Shift, angry birds, etc. and these are not poorly written apps its the access of usage of these apps on the 4inch screens on full brightness that take away all the battery life .

So we don’t blame the Android Market for the battery problems, android is not famous for it’s awesome battery life but we believe future is always bright and like Jha android is a fast paced innovative system which is evolving.