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Motorola Droid 2 Global Specs Leaked again but this time be Verizon

Motorola_Droid 2 GlobalMotorola Droid 2 Global wil support both GSM and CDMA, i.e. this phone can is great for people who travel a lot and don’t want to spend money on international roaming. Also since this phone is runs both CDMA and GSM people whoo have relatives in the US don’t have to wait for this phone to be launched in their respective countries.Also this phone has a massive 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7inch screen with 854 x 480 Pixel resolution, a 5MP camera with dual led flash and auto focus, a 16GB out of the box storage capabilities(8GB internal +8GBmicroSD), with Customized Android 2.2 Running out of the Box. All the features are similar to the droid 2 Except the 1.2GHz Cpu and the CDMA GSM dual mode… Also the specs that earlier leaked on the motorola website have been corrected as they earlier mentioned a 3.1inch Screen.