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Motorola Droid X gets unofficial android 2.3 Gringerbread Update

Motorola-Droid-X-Gingerbread-customIf you own a Motorola Android phone then you know Motorola is not among the best in giving out updates, (who is, except Google?) but you don’t have to wait in the line For the Gingerbread Update from Motorola as a custom ROM with hints of Gingerbread is now available.

The ROM you need is ApeX 1.3.0 for Droid X which comes with “2 parts AOSP, 1 part Blur, all ApeX (now with a hint of Gingerbread!)” and in order to install it you will need to upgrade to Android 2.3.320 or 2.3.340.
For steps on How to update : Click Here