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Motorola Following Up Defy with Two More Rugged Handsets


The Motorola DEFY, flaws and all, was the first smartphone to take the whole rugged thing seriously while not looking like the chunky handsets we are used to seeing in that role. In other words, it was a good first attempt, but, though it looks pretty good and features a decent implementation of Android, more could still be done to make the handset desirable for reasons other than its ability to survive under water. So, it is good news that Motorola plans to continue along the path of the Defy with the introduction of at least two more life-proof phones.

Not much can be said of the handsets right now, but they will be full-touch devices and even less expensive. This doesn’t bode well for any hope that they will aspire to more than the Defy, nor does word that they will be weather but not water resistant. Look for more info to emerge in the coming weeks.