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Motorola launching Droid X in India? – Not any time soon


There is a new Rumor on the web floating ” Droid X is coming to India as the Milestone X”, I know, I know it seem to good to be true, and its not true. Motorola Just Announced the Motoroi X in Mexico(press Release) which is just another name for the Droid X. This is also a CDMA phone.

This rumor that Droid X is coming to India was result of another rumor that the Motoroi X is GSM, but the truth is Motoroi X is actually CDMA and locked to “Grupo Iusacellwhich is the Third largest carrier in Mexico, just like the Motorola Droid known as the Motoroi there. In the Image below u can Clearly See the Motoroi Series is CDMA like the Droid Series in the US CDMA to Verizon.

droid CDMA
Click here to See Official Motorola Mexico Page

The GSM version of the Droid is called the milestone and the next phone in the Milestone Series is the Milestone 2, and will be availableĀ  this week in the UK. Motorola Europe on their facebook page mentioned…

moto europe m2
From official Motorola Europe FB Page

The Bottom line is Motorola Droid X GSM or the Milestone X coming to India is not true, And if it does it will first come to Europe and then India, Don’t Expect it anytime this year.