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Music Video Shot Entirely on the iPhone 4S (India Inspired)

iPhone 4S video Recording

Apple happily showed off how good the iPhone 4 Camera Performed at the iPhone 4S launch event which is a true fact, so could they make that camera more Awesomer? The made it into a 8MP camera with 1080P video recording for a 5MP with 720 recorder.

The Turnback decided to film the video for their new single, Cellophane Sky, using two shiny new iPhone 4S handsets, instead of the usual high-spec cameras. Filmed in full 1080p at the New York nightclub, Webster Hall, the video is believed to be the first made using the iPhone 4S.

On October 14th, 2011 we received 2 brand new iPhone 4S smart phones. On Sunday October 16th we shot the video at the famous NYC nightclub Webster Hall. Over the next several days, with little sleep and lots of coffee, the final video was finished.

This video was shot entirely using those 2 iPhone 4S’s and was edited on FinalCut Pro.

These days, we’re all carrying around smartphones that pack cameras that rival those of the point and shoot cameras we take on our holidays, as well as being able to record full HD 1080p video. Not just that either. If you’re an iPhone user, you can even use iMovie for iOS, making it possible to edit full movies right on your iPhone.

(via Razorianfly)