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New TRAI law to Limit SMS per Day to 100 from 27-Sept-11

Unwanted SMS

TRAI (Telecom Authority of India) has declared that number of SMS that any one can send in a day will be limited to 100 to tackle the problem of uncontrolled telemarketing through SMS in India. Since the fall in SMS prices many telemarketting people have resorted to sending 100s and 1000s of SMS in a day and even if you are registered under the National Do not Disturb Service it only relieve from unwanted calls to some extent. Although there are several mobile phone users who send more than 100 messages a day, the regulator and government officials are unwilling to buy this and argue that this is the best way to deal with pesky calls-a menace that Trai as well as the government have been unable to tackle for years.

What’s more, telecom operators say that it may be tough to monitor if the 3,000 SMS a month cap for postpaid subscribers is adhered to or not. “In case of prepaid users, you can monitor it on a day-today basis but for postpaid customers , you will look at the number at the end of the month,” said Rajan S Mathews , director general of COAI. Trai chairman J S Sarma could not be reached for comment .

Earlier this month, the telecom regulator mandated that commercial communications be sent between 9 am and 9 pm to all subscriberswhether registered for the National Do Not Call Registry or not. For those who opt to be under the ‘fully blocked’ category, a telemarketer cannot disturb you.

Alternatively, you can opt for the facility which allows you to access information on any of the seven segments-banking and financial products, real estate, education, health, consumer goods, automobiles, communication and entertainment, tourism and leisure.

An exception will be made in case of transaction-related messages such as those from banks, insurance companies, railways, airlines or telecom service providers for providing information related to customers or passengers.

Companies have been mandated to register with telecom service providers who would assign them numbers in the 140 series. “What if the 101st message is in an emergency?” asks COAI’s Mathews.

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